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We have been a digital agency for safefood since 2012

“safefood is an all-island implementation body set up under the British-Irish Agreement with a general remit to promote awareness and knowledge of food safety and nutrition issues on the island of Ireland.”

    • We provide safefood with digital marketing strategies for various all island initiatives: the current one being the Childhood Obesity campaign. We work with safefood and other third parties for these campaigns and the success of them is down to all parties working together on what they specialise in.
    • We are involved in all levels of social media, infographic design and seeding for the ‘everyday’ safefood message. We get great coverage particularly from infographics (one public favourite was on Turkey Tips for Christmas which featured on Broadsheet.ie!)
    • We advise and implement strategic and forensic SEO including linkbaits and Google Adwords strategy.
    • Our team helps with campaign management and video production.
    • All apps we have produced for safefood are built using responsive design and work across all devices.
    • We work with safefood on the creation of their Online Display Advertising including Concept and Copywriting.

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