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Launching insurance from Ireland in the UK market.

Aligning with the ATL Teachers Union in the UK (124,000 members), this service offers its members a financial product to cover them in the event of long term illness.The digital roll out will support the wider sales strategy and encourage ATL Teachers Union members to sign-up to the scheme.

Awareness, Engagement and Conversion:

The primary objective of the website is to communicate brand sentiment and its key messaging.
The result of this is to encourage people to engage with and use the ebow designed and developed ‘Interactive Benefits Checker’

Strategic Messaging:

Demonstrate a clear partnership between Affinity and the ATL Union.
Currently the ATL Union is the exclusive partner for this scheme.


We launched the digital positioning for Affinity. The scope of work consisting of strategic digital insights to achieve awareness, engagement and conversion.

  • Responsive website for multi-platform use.
  • Interactive benefits checker / calculator.
  • Email, Search and Social Marketing.

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