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Welcome to ebow the digital agency

Who Are We?

Founded in 1999 we are now one of Dublin’s leading creative digital agencies. We specialise in the online positioning of your brand. We do this using the ‘new tools of marketing’. These tools include Responsive Web Design, Strategic Email Marketing, SEO, PPC Management, Blogs & Content Marketing, A/B testing, Specialised Landing Pages, Infographics, Social Media and Viral Marketing. So many…so many…

All these ‘Growth Hacks’ help with building your brand online. Think of us like an Advertising Agency but instead of making TV, we create brilliant digital marketing assets and the means to drive traffic and engagement to or with them. We measure, convert and analyse. Call us Web Designers, call us Growth Hackers, call us Developers, call us New Media Experts, call us a bunch of Geeks. But do call us. We know what we’re doing and we’d like to do it for you: + 353 1588 01 72 or hello@ebow.ie

Our Mission

We are an independent Digital Agency, specialists in Digital Marketing and Web Design. We want, and do, serve a number of prestigious and interesting clients who wish to produce highly creative work that fulfills the main role of Marketing:

The creation of revenue through sales. Brand awareness through content.

What’s our History?

Having lived through the Dot Com bubble burst, the Credit Crunch and the Irish Weather, we know how digital works. We’ve seen the mistakes made and watched the development of the world’s greatest medium from the phenomenon of online shopping to Social Media. From Steve Jobs, to Bill Gates to Mark Zuckerburg: we’ve been paying *full* attention.

Our landmark ‘Digital Agency Dublin’ studios located with the ebow gallery, 1 Castle Street, Dublin 2, are open to all our clients – from Nickey Brennan of the GAA and Glanbia sitting in our studio, to Pattie Boyd eating a Burdocks at the boss’ desk – we do what we believe the web is all about; communicate and build meaningful relationships.

Our clients trust us because of our professionalism, our honesty and our ability to complete excellent work on time and on budget. Our down-to-earth professional culture has enabled us to work with some of the largest and most innovative brands, companies and public bodies in Ireland.

Click me to contact us now and find out more or view more detail on our services below:

EBOW | Web development & Applications

Digital Positioning

The digital positioning of your brand is key to digital marketing success. Creating a balance between web design, tone of voice, UX, content, search, social and your channel marketing takes experience and know-how. At ebow, the digital agency, we have been doing it since 1999.
EBOW | Responsive

Consumer Insights

Over 50% of Irish adults own a smartphone, with a whopping 1.2 million owning a tablet. The growth of multiple devices means you have to connect with users across all platforms. People say "mobile is the future". It's not. It's the present. Everything must be cross device compatible.
EBOW | Marketing & Strategy

Marketing & Strategy

We want your digital marketing to be as engaging and relevant as possible. It doesn’t matter if you’re launching a new product or positioning your brand – our strategy remains the same. We conceive. We build. We get results. Simply and with confidence.
EBOW | Social Media

Social Influence

Social media is central to the online customer experience for over 70% of Irish businesses and 100% of our clients. It offers a simple way to interact with, or to gain, customers. You can use both paid and organic social media to build brand awareness, create positive sentiment and drive engagement. It's the perfect companion for your digital marketing mix.
EBOW | Search Engine Optimization

Search and Channel Marketing

Search powers the web. It's the largest provider of traffic there is. The way it works has drastically changed. Our focus on Organic SEO & Adwords coupled with Content and Conversion Rate Optimisation is at the heart of every strategy we create. We drive relevant traffic to your site and then make sure it converts.