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ebow’s 5 Digital Marketing actions to fill your bosses pockets with cash….:-)


Okay so you’re bugged out because you’ve got to pull together a ‘Digital Marketing Strategy’ or ‘Online Marketing Plan’ for your Boss coz the company’s website hasn’t turned him into a millionaire yet and he needs someone to blame instead of himself….that lucky sod could be you! Fear not though! We’re here to help and have pulled together the main headings/points for you below. Once your site starts making (your boss) a mint and you need to get a Digital Agency involved then remember: Who loves ya Baby!?? ebow does! ūüėČ

 Web Design and Website Soft Launch

Note we say **SOFT LAUNCH!** No matter how hard you try once your site goes into a live environment the fun has just begun. Didn’t your Granny tell you that “You just can’t account for folk”. All the niggly bits only the normal user can see are all gonna show up in the first few weeks so don’t plan a party and a big PR campaign until you’ve let your new site live and breathe in it’s new environment for a week or so….(in a perfect world you would have two hosting environments to switch back to your old site should things get really out of hand ) This is a good time to begin A/B testing your two homepages but more of that next week ūüėČ

 Social Media Implementation

Social Media….its what everyone’s talking about, it’s also where everyone is talking about it, think about this. Hard. How are you going to stand out in the noisiest marketplace yet? Think The Life of Brian and the various names for The People’s Front of¬†Judea¬†etc., a bunch of people all saying the same thing and meaning the same thing trying to stand out. You’ve got to figure out how to be the guy in the hole who never speaks. It’s when he does eventually speak that we all remember it. Don’t wish people a “Good Morning” and all that. Give them a joke, something that will help them, something they might want and slip your company announcement bit that your boss wants around it. Be interesting and don’t litter people’s feeds or you’re gonna lose fans, give away “free stuff”. People love it.

1. Define tone, style and set your Facebook page live.
2. Define tone, style and set your Twitter account live.
3. Begin recruitment drive with Facebooks ads and Twitter comps, Top Tens etc. are great.
4. Begin seeding* your site and building your followers and fan base.

*seeding: The process of initiating Facebook fans, Twitter followers and site visits through strategic online placement.


Your blog! Very simple: Give away your knowledge of your product for FREE. Make your blog a resource for your clients and students of your business whilst using it for product announcements etc. it follows the same fundamentals of your Social Media Strategy but where your Blog really comes into it’s own is Search. NEVER forget the importance of search – it drives the internet and can drive your business. Why is your blog so important to this? Very simple: Google freaking loves Blogs! WordPress in particular.

1. Define tone, style and begin content
2. Push your Blog content out through Facebook and Twitter
3. Register your Blog with various directories once  you have a suitable amount of content. Here is a good list of sites to submit your blog to
4. Research guest blogging opportunities and get interesting people to Blog on your site who have a parallel to what you’re talking about.
5. Blog regularly and avoid getting all Blog happy in the first few weeks to end up posting nothing for the next weeks after. Keep it up or don’t do it at all.

 Organic SEO / Search Engine Optmisation

You’ve no chance of making money or having a major effect on your business without paying FULL attention to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Google is the worlds biggest marketplace and it is directing the majority of the worlds web traffic to where people are buying from etc. Put it this way – if you walk down Grafton Street with a blindfold on you are never going to find the shop that you’re looking for. If you don’t take account of search on your site you are essentially blindfolding potential customers & clients. Also don’t forget the future of the web and its integration across various devices and touch points. The advertising industry as we know it is essentially f***ed (we are however¬†vehemently arguing this now, Ross disagrees!)¬† – ¬†we don’t really want to watch ads with the fat guy from Go Compare anymore because let’s face it: we hate him. When we do watch films etc we are going to be subjected to major product placement and¬†targeted¬†ads etc. Eventually we will be able to touch a product on our screens and Google will pull up your local search results of where to buy that product or the like. Start getting ready for that now instead of later.

Define your keywords and goals with the following tools: Google Keyword Tool or Wordtracker

1. Register your site with the major search engines like Submitting your URL to Google and DMOZ
2. Begin monitoring major search engines for results and register with a tool like SEOMOZ (it’s excellent!)
3. Begin back-linking campaign (SEOMOZ yet again have a great tool for this for finding juicy links!
4. Evaluate (ALWAYS!)
5. Act (OF COURSE!!)

 Email Marketing

Email marketing is still huge and still majorly important Рyou cannot personalise your Facebook posts but you can your emails. You can also be far more specific in targeting your current customers with far more specific information. Make sure your email looks professional, make sure you trial and test your subject lines (most email tools allow this and will send to the one with the best open rate to the majority of your list) also make sure to start segmenting your database paying particular attention to gender and localities, a dude living in Cork is way more likely to want to buy your Rugby socks then a girl in Donegal!

1. Define, tone, style and content
2. Begin recruitment drive for addresses from Site Registration and through your Social Media outlets
3. Agree 2 to 3 email ‘types’ (ie Special Offers, eZine Style, Product Specific, Regular Customer)
4. Agree send frequency and maintain it
5. Evaluate
6. Act

So that’s 5 bits that should keep the grumpy auld bollox (!??) happy but don’t forget there is way more to do (Affiliate Marketing, Pay Per Click, Online PR etc) and due to the pace of which things change on the web you must beware: ONLINE MARKETING IS RELENTLESS; what works today could be completely out of sync tomorrow…keep up to date on Mashable, it’s pretty much what everyone else is doing and rehashing for their own blogs ūüėČ (remember the¬†Judaean Peoples Front??)

And remember we like you so please like us too!


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