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  • 2nd February, 2020

Captivate, then capitalise


Our ad on the front page of Business Post today is the beginning of a year long campaign that will refocus ebow, the digital agency ‘s commitment to quality. We have lots in store with BP including content around speccing a project, the modern brief (a mix of marketing and technology that works), expectation management and our own new visually led website (of course it’s not ready yet, they rarely ever are when you want to do them right. Accepting this fact is key to success!) Here’s to our 21st year in 2020. I want to go back to treating each year like it’s our last. Like I am going to the great gig in the sky! Because, if it ever did turn out the be our or my last I want it to be quality focussed and not a load spammy keywords, hashtags and endless reports…I want to feel creative again…


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