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We recently launched a new responsive design for the Allianz Leagues. The site works across all devices and is developed on the bespoke GAA CMS that we implemented previously. It’s a good example of two large brands coming together under 1 domain under selected branding. Domain names are something that trouble companies as having too many of them becomes problematic from a content point of view as well as a hosting and costs point of view. What people often forget though is how custom domain names can effect brand positioning as well as fragmentation of the overall message. Having web sites designed and built like this also allows a nice level of integration with the mother site (GAA.ie in this example) by keeping the main nav and fat footer. We predict lots of large brands doing more of this over the year.

It has many other advantages and features:

If you are looking to complete a project like this for your brand give ebow, the digital agency a shout by clicking here…

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