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Bringing back brewing to Kilkenny with Sullivan’s Brewing Company



Working through ebow in Dublin and ebow USA we are working with Sullivan’s Brewing Company to launch their new brand in the USA and Ireland.

The team from Sullivan’s includes:

Alan Quane, CEO – Over 26 years of global experience in consumer goods and drinks market. Past experience include roles as Global Commercial Director for Guinness and Head of Innovation & Strategy for Heineken Europe. Earned an MBA as well as a BSc. in Management & Bachelor of Economics from Trinity College Dublin.

Ian Hamilton, Master Brewer – 35 years Brewery and Packaging experience in Ireland, UK and Africa. Experienced in production of world class lagers ales and stouts. Head Brewer / Site Director of Smithwick’s Brewery, Kilkenny (2001-2013). Master Brewer (Institute of Brewing & Distilling London), Science Degree (B.Sc (Hons) Chemistry). Ian is widely considered to be one of Ireland’s most experienced technical brewers.

Dan Smithwick, CFO – Uniquely qualified with over 10 years experience in financial analysis & modeling with British Gas Plc and Citi Bank, based in London. Dan, now based in Ireland, is a KPMG trained qualified accountant and a member of the Smithwick brewing family.

Services we will provide include:

  • Online Positioning and Brand Strategy
  • Copywriting and Content Creation
  • Awareness Campaign(s)
  • Web Design
  • Social Media Strategy, Management and Implementation (USA & IRL)
  • SEO & PPC Management


Sullivan’s Brewing Company

First established in 1702, the Sullivan brewing name was once the biggest of its kind in Kilkenny but fell into abeyance in the last century. The brand is now being resurrected by the legendary Smithwick brewing family, who retained control of the name to this day and are now behind it’s relaunch.

As well as brewing, Sullivan’s will open their own Taproom, a visitor centre and microbrewery on John Street, Kilkenny’s main social thoroughfare. Known far and wide as a cultural epicentre for craft and design, Kilkenny is a true brewing city and Sullivan’s is committed to reviving a once great brewery and the ancient craft of independent artisan brewing.

‘’The Sullivan’s family tradition of brewing stems back to 1702 when they opened their doors on James Street to become Kilkenny’s first commercial brewery. We’ve made it our mission to resurrect the lost art of real Irish brewing in its rightful home – Kilkenny,” says Paul Smithwick, chairman of Sullivan’s Brewing Company.

While the Smithwick and Sullivan families were always close – being neighbours and connected by politics, marriage, as well as socially, they were business competitors, and it’s an interesting tale as to how Smithwick’s came to acquire its biggest rival. An errant member of the Sullivan family bet and lost the entire business on a horse race in 1918 and the demise of the business quickly followed. The Smithwick’s subsequently rescued the workforce and subsumed operations into their own brewery, thus retaining the rights to the brand name.


The first beer from the revived Sullivan’s Brewing Comapny is Maltings Red Ale (4% abv). It’s refreshingly balanced, ruby tinted classic Irish ale with a depth of malt flavour giving rich biscuit and gentle caramel notes. Traditionally brewed with only Kilkenny-grown ale malt, including three special darker malts and three varieties of hop. Fermented and matured with cask ale yeast and coupled with our no-rush brewing produces a smooth balanced classic ale.

Paul adds: “The beer we craft today is inspired by traditional Kilkenny recipes and brewed the way the family has always brewed – the way real Irish beer should be brewed – by local experts, by hand, in small batches, with enormous heart and the finest locally sourced ingredients.”

Sullivan’s acclaimed Kilkenny master brewer, Ian Hamilton, is a true artisan, always exploring and innovating, and perfecting each recipe with creative, satisfying twists. Always brewing the right way – with imagination and without compromise – Sullivan’s is a beer of craftsmanship and substance.

Sullivan’s Brewing Company CEO Alan Quane is suitably enthusiastic about the brand: “Doing what you believe in isn’t always easy, but when something truly matters, you have to stand up and be counted. That’s why today, when not a single brewery stands in the most storied and authentic beer-brewing city in Ireland, a city with over 800 years of brewing tradition, we’re standing up for what we know is right.

“The company’s mission is to bring back brewing to Kilkenny and my role is to elevate this and create a brand-led business to address the needs of the ‘next wave’ of craft beer drinkers, the ones that we’ve seen come into and grow the beer category in the US, UK and Australian markets.”
Kilkenny was built on generations of artisan brewing by a community with a lust for life, a relentless spirit, and a shared ethos of integrity. The story of Sullivan’s and Kilkenny is inseparable.

The viral below was produced by Rotator and was used as part of a Halloween launch and awareness campaign that we worked on on as part of our on-going relationship with Sullivan’s. The PR company working on the project is Burrell PRTrinity Brand Group designed the identity.


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