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  • 30th January, 2014

Regarding Internships and Jobs in ebow, the digital agency. A note from the MD.


ebow the digital agency


Greetings from me, my team and our keyboards! What a long day we do have together. So long that it is really difficult for us to reply to every CV, job and internship enquiry we receive.  Please note that, I, personally, receive about 10 requests a day via post, email, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook . I do my very best to reply to each one and I do this all in bulk (so it could take up to two 2 weeks). The difficulty is that sometimes I am just too busy and so is the team. We don’t have a HR department to look after this kind of thing so please do not be offended if you do not receive a reply or a placement.

I get people on my LinkedIn, my personal Twitter and even personal Facebook friend requests of people trying to work with ebow. Although it is quite invasive, believe me I’m honoured. If we had the cash and the space we’d have ’em all on board to get stuck in and do some great work.  But we just can’t. So, bear with us whilst we try and answer all the emails and if you don’t hear back, don’t be offended, it’s just we literally haven’t had the time.

Hope that’s ok,



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