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  • 19th April, 2019

Ideas for Free: Traditional Retail v’s Online Retail Value Adds


I think one of the key pieces for traditional retailers who are hurting because of online is: Invest in giving people what they can’t get elsewhere at the right price and in speedy time, embellish it with your brand and superb content. 

Businesses like VinylMePlease.com will continue to change the face of retail by continually upping the game in branding and content. They have taken a fantastic album and managed to make it better by adding value to it by doing the following:

1. Exclusive Product that I can’t get anywhere else and at the right price – 100% crucial to online retail success. This classic album is only available second hand.

2. *Superb* Copywriting (note the packaging and photograph me CTA also the coffee with ideal song to listen to with and album blurb).

3. High Quality Printing of Album Sleeve – lovely heavyweight card.

4. Quality Exclusive Collectors Print – artist blurb on the back.

5. Foil Stamped and Numbered – more exclusivity and all collectors love nothing more then their own number 🙂

6. Surprise Element – don’t know what I will get the month after next but I so trust their curators they could send the Spice Girls & I’d listen.

7. Excellent Social Media.

8. Excellent Customer Service (gave me 15 dollars credit for a UPS delay).

9. Tell a Friend and get a tenner Referral Programme.

10. Green Coloured Vinyl – green! Just like Van.

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