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The Top 10 Words Searched for in 2013

This is always an interesting question when considering your digital marketing and seo strategies: What exactly are people searching for? One of the best barometers of what is being talked about is what people search for. Here is what Google lists as the top searched... Read More

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Digital Marketing Agency for Irish Ferries

Irish Ferries appoints ebow as digital partner

As reported in today's Sunday Business Post we are excited to announce that ebow has been appointed as Irish Ferries digital partner. Irish Ferries appoints digital partner Irish Ferries has appointed a new digital partner. Dublin-based digital agency ebow will m... Read More

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Dublin Garden Festival

The Dublin Garden Festival

We launch this lovely new microsite for the Dublin Garden Festival this afternoon... The festival is taking place in the grounds of our illustrious neighbours Christ Church Cathedral.  

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DMX Dublin

DMX Dublin – 48 hours later & the Top 5 have been settled…

It's now a full 24 hours after the legendary DMX Dublin digital marketing event and to be honest – I’m a little bit worse for wear. No, the team didn’t have a heavy night to celebrate that we’d gained a bucket load of new followers, a shed load of retweets a... Read More

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